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Pink the Greyhound X at Cottesloe Beach

Dog Photography Perth

PINK is a Greyhound X who found her way to her new family after being abandoned at the entrance of Shenton Park Dog Shelter. She’s not muscly enough to have been used for racing, and her stay in the shelter was brief because her engaging, curious and docile nature caught her new mum’s attention immediately. She’s been the perfect addition to their home. Continue reading »

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George {Bunbury dog portrait session}


I really don’t know where to start with George. He was just the most beautiful dog ever – so stunning, in fact, that when I first laid eyes on him I forgot all my manners and didn’t even introduce myself properly to his Dad! George was adopted from S.A.F.E. and he is a Greyhound X. He has a lovely nature and is incredibly well-mannered. Not only does he have the most amazing yellow coloured eyes I’ve ever seen, but the colour of his coat is like none other! Continue reading »

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#49 Tom the Greyhound

I’ll admit that I didnt know much about Greyhounds until I met Tom. I didnt know that Greyhounds can’t really “sit” (they kind of put their bottoms down but it’s all a bit awkward and uncomfortable for them). I also didnt realise they make great companions and are very kind, gentle and… well… a bit sooky. They love leaning into people for cuddles. Tom did very well in his photo shoot – he looks very “streamlined” hahaha. Oh gee, I really cant wait to unveil the final print to everyone, you are going to love the photos! The suspense is killing meeeeeee!

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